A PHP script can be written anywhere in a document and should be saved as .php file format.

PHP is a server-side script which means that the server will process the script and the result will be sent back to the browser.

PHP script should start with .


<?php code to execute ?>

PHP script with HTML

Normally, a PHP file may contain a combination of PHP scripts and HTML tags.

<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1>My PHP Page</h1>

echo "Happy coding!";


Each PHP statements are terminated by semicolon (;).

Comment in PHP

A comment is a code that is not readable/executed by the server. Comment is only readable by human.

Comments let other programmers understand your code functionality.
Lets you easily remember what your code suppose to do encase you cant remember.


// single line comment

# single line comment

multiple lines comment
lorem epsum dolor

Case Sensitivity

All pre-defined functions are not case sensitive (if, while, echo, for…). However, all user-defined variables are case sensitive.


$name = "Bryan";

//Pre-defined variables
ECHO $name; //print Bryan
echo $name; //print Bryan
eChO $name; //print Bryan

//User-defined variable
echo $name; //print Bryan
echo $NAME; //print nothing
echo $nAmE; //print nothing

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