To install WordPress into your live server, you need to create a database where WordPress data will be saved. We will only demonstrate creating a database within a cPanel account. Most Web Hosting companies nowadays prefer to use cPanel as a control panel for their web servers because of its simplicity and user friendly environment.

If your web host is not using cPanel for some reasons, you can ask your web host administrator to hand you in creating MySQL database using their own control panel.

1. Login to your cPanel account.

Most cPanel account can be accessed by typing,, or

2. Look for the “Databases” panel.

Scroll down in the lower part of the cPanel homepage until you see the panel labelled “Databases”.


3. Click on the “MySQL Databases” icon.

After you click the icon, you will be taken to the MySQL Databases window.

4. Enter a database name.

Enter the desired database name in the “Create New Database” panel and hit the Create Database button afterwards.


5. Create a user for your database.

Scroll within the same page downward and look for the MySQL Users panel. Enter your desired username and password. You can also use the Password Generator to generate a strong password. Hit the Create User button.


IMPORTANT: Note the settings you did (database name, username, and password) because you will use it later. You can use notepad to note your settings and save it into your local drive for later use.

6. Add a user to your database.

At the lowest part of same page, you can find a pane labelled “Add user to Database”. Select the database together with the username you have created earlier from the dropdown fields. Hit the Add button.


That’s it! Your database is now ready for WordPress installation.