Print() and Echo() are used to display data into the browser. We are using echo and print in most of our PHP tutorials so we will take up about the two and the difference between them.

echo() is a language construct, so you are not required to use parentheses with it. Echo can output more than one strings.

print() behaves as a Function, but is not actually a function. Print can only output one string and always return a value of 1.

Both print() and echo() are language construct and can be used with or without parentheses: echo or echo() and print or print().


$end='Thank you!';
echo "<h2>My name is Bryan</h2>";
echo "I am simple<br />";
echo "I", " know", " how", " to", " code."; //multiple parameter
echo $end;

print "<h2>My name is Bryan</h2>";
print "I am simple<br />";
print "I know how to code";
print $end;

Which is faster?

Obviously, echo is faster than print because echo will not return any value. However, the difference is unnoticeable.

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