Before you can work with PHP, you must have a working PHP environment. There are two ways of testing or running PHP scripts:

  1. Running PHP scripts in a web server
  2. Installing PHP environment in a local computer

Running PHP scripts in a web server

The easiest way to execute PHP scripts is by running in a web server. Most web servers are PHP enabled and you dont need to touch anything in order to run your scripts. Just FTP your files using FTP program or by using the server’s default file manager.

If you do not have a web server, you can buy a domain and web server online and make sure to choose a PHP enabled server.

Installing PHP environment in your local computer

A local computer is not capable of running PHP scipts. You need to install a PHP environment to make your computer capable of running PHP scripts.

These are some of PHP environments available:

EasyPHP –

How to check if PHP is enabled

To check if PHP is enabled in a machine or server, run a PHP file containing a PHP script that will perform the test. FTP the file into your web or local server and access the file using your web browser.


echo 'PHP is enabled in this machine';
echo 'below is your PHP configuration';

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