Recently, I was involved into a project that requires complex functionalities. It involves lot of JavaScript since the client is not a fan of using 3rd party libraries like jQuery and the likes, we are enforced to code it from the scratch.

One of the functionality they like is how Firefox handle its scrolling. If you did not notice, Firefox default scrolling effect is awesome. The client asked me to do the same thing in chrome.

Today I will share the script. This script comes from different sources, combined, and modified to make it work the way we wanted.

How to use the script

To use the script, just follow these 3 easy steps.

  1. just download the script from github, or download directly by hitting the download button below,
  2. Copy the script into your website’s script directory,
  3. Include the script into your webpage.
		<script src="smoothscroll.js"></script>

If you are looking for a smooth scrolling effect with momentum, take a look at this jQuery Momentum Scroll

Open the demo link below to see the script in action.