By default, WordPress is using a plain permalink structure ex. If you are a blogger and concern about search engine ranking, I’m sure you don’t like that kind of permalink structure, but for online shops and other type of websites, this kind of permalink is perfectly okay.

WordPress offers you the ability to change URL structure for your posts, pages and archives. Custom URL structures can improve the usability, readability, and can improve the search engine ranking of your website.

Today, i will show you how to change the permalink structure in WordPress.

  1. Login to your website dashboard.
  2. From the Admin Menu, go to Settings -> Permalinks.
  3. Now choose your desired permalink structure. In Yourwebtech, we are using the Post Name.
  4. Click the Save Changes button to save the changes you made.

That’s it. It’s very easy and straight forward. If you found problem updating your permalink, contact us or post a comment below and we will be very glad to assist you.