I’ve been working as a Virtual Assistant for a long time now and I had a lot of good and bad experiences as a VA. I started working as a VA since 2010 and until now it’s my primary source of income and therefore I can call it a job.

Being a VA is not easy. You need to learn how VA world works and you need to be open for possibilities of getting failed. However, bad experiences are what made me stronger, and that’s what made me effective in my career.

I’m not telling you to switch into the same path that I choose, it’s about what kind of work you love most, and yes I love my job. If you wanted to go the same track with me, you can follow along the simple things listed below that guides me into the right path.

  1. Never apply if you are not qualified

    This is very important. If you found yourself not qualified of the required skillset, do not apply. It will just make hard for you, waste your time, waste your employer’s time and money as well, and will lowered your dignity.

  2. Do your best in your job

    When you are working on a project, do the best you can. It will make your employer happy and gave you more possibility of getting hired again in the future. The employer’s feedback and rating is what’s important because that’s a big plus for you of getting bigger opportunities.

  3. Never hesitate to ask for details

    If you find too difficult to understand the instructions for a project, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. That way, things will get cleared, questions will get answered, and that will make you progressive.

  4. Learn to love on what you do

    If you learn to love on what you do, you will see a good quality of your works. This will add extra credits to your portfolios.

  5. Never stop learning

    Although I already knew most of stuff in my field of work, I never stop learning. There are lot of information out there that will boost your learning and enhance your knowledge. Because of that, I am knowledgeable not only in my field of work but also in different aspects that helped me a lot of getting decent job so easy.

The tips above are just basic guides to point you to the right path. There are lots of things you will encounter as you go beyond and start your career and I hope that these simple tips will bring you toward success.

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