Twitter is not just a platform hub for sharing and posting rants and personal to social whatabouts across the internet. Many marketers see the enormous power of this social media as a great tool to generate sales for any business.

Doable Social Surmmit 2014 took off with Pam Moore tackling How to Increase Leads and Sales using Twitter as a social media platform. Below are some of the bits and points I’d like to share from Pam which you would need to take to mind before diving in to Twitter Marketing. Learn the success of her facts and discovery: (Note: These are POWER!)

Social Business

“Becoming a social business transforms the organization from inside out, connecting the internal with the external in a way that enhances relationships and creates shared value for the people, business & ecosystem as a whole.”

Marketing on Twitter is also much like building friendship with your followers. Just like in real life, at first, you do not know any of your customers and you like to engage with them. How do you that? First, know them (by observing and studying statistics), ask them (direct or indirectly), and offer them what you can with your business. This way, you formulate an ecosystem that encourages interaction not just between you and a customer but you form a community wherein the customers can also engage with each other within your built business platform.

Social Media (by definition)

“ a means of interaction among people in which they create share and exchange information’s and ideas in virtual communities and networks.”

Embrace the journey!

News nowadays no longer breaks, it tweets!

Understanding Statistics…

Social Customer Research

  • Today business buyers do not contact suppliers directly until 57% of purchase process is complete.
  • 77% consumers more likely to buy new product via recommendation
  • 4x-10x higher conversion rate for offers from trusted advocates

Niche Social Networks = Advocates

B2B Tech Brand Web Traffic

  • Twitter users visits B2B tech brand sites at higher rate (59%) compared to average internet user (40%)

Tweets Increase B2B Conversion

  • Twitter users visits B2B tech company’s site with a higher likelihood to convert.
  • Twitter users convert at 11%
  • Average internet user 4%

Want more leads?

  • B2B marketers who use Twitter generate twice as many lead as those who don’t!

Why Tweet?

  1. Connect with people
  2. Expand your reach and amplification
  3. Compete with the big dogs
  4. Better service & connect with customers
  5. Power of community (OPC)
  6. Enhance and humanize your brand
  7. Build and ignite personal brand
  8. Build trust and authority
  9. Increase ROI (Return of Investment) on other social networks, marketing programs and owned digital assets
  10. Generate leads, increase sales
  11. Market and product research, know your customer
  12. Stay up to date with news and trends

Twitter Imperatives (!)

  1. Success on twitter happens off twitter as much or more than on twitter
  2. Have a plan
  3. Develop your personal brand strategy
  4. Know your audience
  5. Balance Art (creativity)and Science (technology)
  6. Be human
  7. Quality over quantity
  8. Build your content frameworks and calendar
  9. Listen and learn
  10. Start by sharing other people’s content and community
  11. Share your best stuff always


On summary, the base and foundation of twitter success is learning about your audience and your strategies of being able to reach out to them. This will be achieved by knowing them and the things that get them to engage with you. Your audience should be first on your priority as they give clues to where you should draw your strategies for your business and to serve them better.

Does these perked you up? I will share more about Pam Moore‘s List of Steps and Strategies how to hone leads and sales on twitter on part II of this article. Be excited to boost your twitter more!