Are you familiar with Google Hangouts? If you have not owned any G-mail account within the last one and a half year, Google Hangouts may just be unfamiliar to you. Except maybe for that term ‘ hangouts’, it can hint you to think of a place where people get to mingle and socialize. And in fact, you can. Virtually.

Google radically keeps on developing applications, sources integration, online tools and software that you and I, browsing the web uses and benefits from. Hangout is somewhat considered still new, unexplored tool (since not too many have been using or familiar with it yet). Google Hangouts was launched May 2013 by Google. You may think of Skype, or Yahoo Messenger or IM as a tool more similar to it but Google Hangouts have made further, and to say.. It simply rocks!


Donna Gilliland discussed Google Hangouts on the Digital Social Summit 2014. She first tackled the basic components of setting up a Google Plus page which is a power house page where you can create your personal and business profile, join communities, create events, etc.

And then the Google Hangout (of course, you can’t do them all without first creating a G-mail account). But the highlight of the discussion was focused on how Google Hangouts turns from just a simple video chat tool into being a Sales Tool. Let’s hear from one of the Doable Digital Social Summit geniuses.

The Top 3 Most Searched Sites on the Web acdg to statistics are:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Youtube

* Facebook and Youtube are alternating the spot for positions 2 and 3.

* Youtube belongs to Google Plus (making it 2 is to 1)

An Overview of Google Plus

If you have a Gmail, you can setup your Google plus and Hang-out.

Google+ Profile serves as your business card, so accomplish it thoroughly and well!

Google+ is integrated into Google searches

TIP: “Stop worrying that your customers are not on Google Plus; Worry that you aren’t using Google+ to create engaging and findable content.”

Why? For 2 reasons:

  1. Your potential customers are searching Google;
  2. Google+ posts are indexed by Google.

* Youtube and Google+ are tightly integrated. They both belong to Google. So when you post on Google plus or post a video to Youtube, they are indexed fairly.

According to “The Power of Visual Story Telling” statistics:

  • Posts with video attract 3x more inbound links than plain text posts.
  • Viewers spend 100% more time on pages with videos.
  • Viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a product after watching a product video.

The Google+ Hangouts feature is a Power Tool for Face to Face Engagement;

Content and Increased Opportunities to be found in Google searches and it’s FREE!

2 Types of Hangouts


Doable Tactics for Hangouts:

  • Customer Service
  • Employee Collaboration
  • One to one consults
  • Training Sessions

While Hanging Out, you can:

  • Share Files, Integrates with Google Drive
  • Share your screen

Doable Tactics for Hangouts-on-Air

  • Advertise – promote with an Events Google Page
  • Product/Book Launch
  • Training
  • Speaking Events
  • Talk Show


Hangouts-on-Air can be can be set to Private or Public

Public – searchable within Google+ and Youtube; Anyone can find and watch.

Tip: Use descriptive title to be easily found.

Private – Not publicly promoted on G+; Not searchable on Youtube (marked as unlisted)

Hangouts Apps that enhance your hangout experience:

  • Cameraman controls (hide someone/audio controls)
  • Q&A (Collected by Moderator)
  • Control Room (lets you mute/unmute)
  • Showcase (Collects questions from viewers, share to viewers)

Requirements on Starting Hangouts


Tactical Action Plan

Start outside G+ by making a List (target Market, customer, circles)

Dive in Slowly (participate on hangouts, try it out with friends)

Get Ready for Business (set up your G+ profile as your business card)


Google Hangouts research center

Martin Shervington (

By learning new tools, you can maximize the capacity of your business. There are tools that you can basically use with every need that you have for your business. You may just need to explore a bit, do research, ask friends and experts. Doable Social Summit speakers shared some of these tools which the experts themselves utilize for their own and Google Hangouts is one of those great tools that you will sure enjoy and partner with!

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