In today’s hi-tech era, every possible thing is found online. There is nothing you cannot buy, sell, trade, search, be entertained with once you have a computer and internet connection.

As the competition for page views grows more rigid, the web designs get more technical, and internet widely-used, a good web design becomes an essence. If you have a web site, you definitely want visitors to view your site. A good web design can be your initial tactic.

An average internet cruiser is more jaded these days, they’re harder to impress. An impressive web design can be your gateway to get your visitors stay to look at your website and come back for more.

There are basic key elements to a good web design that every web designer must use.


Internet search engines have grown very clever about searching contents on web sites. A good web design must be centered on your website’s content. What keywords will people search to find your site? Once you know what your keywords are, you have to have number of content on your site that features those keywords. There are several free web sites that allow you to check your keyword content. Use them. Content is what search engine indexes, so it is that first element that you must consider.


Search engines, and your visitors, love links. You want links that connect to other pages on your site – internal links, as well as external links that connect to pages outside your domain. The more links you have, the better. Use them liberally throughout your site. Links also improve the navigation of your site, which is incredibly important to a good web design.


Bright colors, pictures, and fun fonts will make or break your web design. Graphics are going to soar on your users every way they look, so you want to make an impression with your graphics. Having a good web design is about having a pleasing flow of colors, pictures, graphics, animation (if any) and text. Don’t clutter your pages, and make them as exciting and interesting to look into.

Good web design is about learning how to balance the key elements that both appeal to search engines and your viewers. Your pages should flow together, your navigation should be easy, and your site filled with relevant content. To increase traffic to your site, your web design must be updated regularly. This will ensure repeat, and effective business to your site. The more visitors your site attracts, the better.

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