When you visit a website and you were hooked by the contents, chances are, you  will be looking if they are also present in social media so you can follow them besides subscribing to RSS. Social media is where people hype. Its a highway that loads up multiple profiles of different businesses (apart from personal acquaintances) running in your newsfeed, all in one place, it’s easier, it’s a buffet. Going where the people are, you know its of essence on any business.

Mike GIngerich on the Doable Digital Social Summit, cited the foundations that create success in the integration between the website and social media.

Foundation #1

Social = is not a one way street it’s a 2 way.

  • It is NOT once and done.
  • It is NOT one way.

Social media is about conversation. As a business, learn a new way of adapting and integrating with your customers.

Foundation #2

“Content is fire.”

“Social Media is Gasoline.” – Jay Baer, Youtility.

This means your social media is a toll that will all the more stimulate your prospects interest and draw them to make business with you. Make it more interesting for them.

Foundation #3

Remember: People use the Internet for 2 reasons…

  1. They want to solve a problem.
  2. They want to be entertained.

Foundation #4

It’s about Social Media;

But NEVER forget, Your website is your BASE.

Foundation #5

 To succeed you must…

 1. Integrate – Whatever you do with your website, hook them to your social media.

2. Multi-touch – You can engage using various social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Youtube, LinkedIn, Vine and Instagram. Connect with your business and they ultimately make a purchase from you.

You need to focus on where your audience is. Here are the steps:

Step1: Know your Target!

Women account for __% of all consumer purchases. (How  much?)

55%   65%  72%  85% etc.


Who is/are your target (s)?

Age: 28-47                 35-55

Gender: Female        Male

Role:  SM Mngr.         Agency Owner

Location: US/Can      EU/Asia

Measure by Analytics Tools.

  • Google Analytics
  • Graph Search
  • Tailwind App for Pinterest

Step 2: Identify your Goal.

Know your goals when using social media. There are examples of conversation goals. First, you can create a link for the consumer to buy your product. It can also be a form to sign-up for a webinar. It can also be the purchase of a product online.


There are 6 fundamental steps to growing leads and sales via strategic social and online marketing. They are the following:







I will discuss each of them on Part 2 of this topic article. 

In today’s competitive business world, to standout among your competitors is getting tougher. Most of the businesses become more social to attract more clients. Being social means to connect with people. Go where the people are. Integrate your social media and your website, and you create a complete powerhouse for your business brand.