How are you be able to optimize your online business strategies – grow sales and attract more leads towards your business? As a recap of Bridging SOCIAL with your Web Part I, the relevant foundation of integrating your business’ social media to your web was enumerated.

Now that you have known why is it important for you to see your social media in a firing way and who your target audience should be, I will share with you MIke Gingerich‘s tips on how to attract your customers to engage with you and eventually get them to your end goal which is to buy your product or get your service.

The 3 Main Parts of Digital Marketing Funnel



Top of Funnel Content: ATTRACT and ENGAGE – 50%

This is the most relevant instance of any business to really invest time and passion into as this is where you draw customers’ attention towards you by feeding their interest but not using your product as yet specifically. This is where you share vision, help, share stories of success, inspire. educate and inform.


ATTRACT – with your web, blog, social postings, email and content marketing strategy.

ENGAGE – by Asking, Inviting, Comparing, Responding Being Social


What: Content – Text, Audio (Podcasting), Video, Images

Where: Website, blog, in social media, & email.

Types: How to, Product info, Stories, Fun.

Entertain. Educate. Experience.


Top of Funnel Tip:

Create – Your content.

Curate – Share others’.

40% / 60% split to Develop Attraction.




  • Social in style
  • Often an Image
  • Fun
  • Not “selly”
  • Tells a STORY
  • Invites interaction


Mid- Funnel: CAPTURE and NURTURE (30%)

Content that offers resources with intent to gain. This is a hitting 2 birds at one stone strategy. Your followers can at time be on a thinking or browsing mode only on social media. So with this stage of marketing funnel, you catch them to engage with you more.

The key: LEAD CAPTURE. Email marketing is another gem for business. That is why “leads-capturing” or email capturing is one of an effective business strategy. After then, you can take good care of them by follow up emails that will utmost lead them to finally making that buy.

CAPTURE: by eBooks, coupons, incentives, simple sign-up

NURTURE: by campaign automation follow-up email marketing


Goal: Offer Clear incentive to sign-up email. Offer Help Not a Pitch



B2C (Business to Consumer):

  • Coupon Code
  • Printable Deal
  • Contests

B2B (Business to Business):

  • eBook
  • Webinars
  • Video


Mid Funnel Nurture:

Nurture Email Series Tips (How do you do your email campaign):

  • Use Auto-Responder service
  • Setup once, then drip over 6-14 days.
  • Drip series should be tied to the sign up. (Meaning the contents are connected.)
  • Offer value, education, help, information.
  • Share stories of ROI, Transformation.
  • Your Intent is to build loyalty and trust.


Nurture Email Series Example:

  • In a 7-10 day time period you could do 1 at sign -up, a day later, then 3, 5, 7, & 10 days.
  • Make a specific incentive offer on day 10,
  • Or a next step deeper in the relationship


Bottom Funnel: CONVERT AND MEASURE (20%)


– In here you remove final barriers after readying your followers for the duration of your email campaign.

– You bring here specific offers and your sales opportunities

– Demonstrate ROI, answer questions



Offer a time specific offer to a specific niche!

Campaign offer works best if targeted for a specific audience.



Track ROI by Measuring.


Measure Key Performance Indicators:

– Google Analytics Social Repost

– Sign-ups


Tips How to Leverage What You Got

Have One Image on Blog that is 600 x 315:

– Share to Facebook

– To Twitter, Google+, & LinkedIn

– Take a pic and add to Instagram

– Explain it in a short Video (YouTube / Instagram)

– Highlight it in a email campaign

– Create summary 600 x 900 for Pinterest

– Find Best Times to Post SM