By now, most social marketers probably feel pretty adept at giving advice about what works on social media and what doesn’t. But with social media being bombarded with fresh content every second, it’s no longer enough to just understand what works – it’s essential you understand how to utilize those learnings in order to stand out from the crowd by creating content that will be shared by your target audience.

So how do you maximize social engagement? Here are five tips:

1. Be creative with visual content

When asking senior marketers how critical the following imagery is to their marketing strategy, they rated photography at 46%, videos at 36%, infographics at 19% and illustrations at 15%.

2. Do you post yesterday’s news?

I would highly suggest spending a little time examining useful websites which post only the latest news, and creating relevant RSS feeds. Here you will be able to view all the news updates from these sites in one place. You need to keep your target audience’s attention or they will look elsewhere.

3. Pay special attention to post titles

To give you a quick start; questions, quotes, adding statistics, as well as writing an informative phrase are all techniques I use. My best advice here though is, test for yourself, and see which method receives the best engagement for your brand.

4. Socially sell your brand, but not too much

Apply the 70/30 rule here – 70% should be industry content, and 30% should be your content. No one likes to be pitched to all the time. It gets boring.

5. Reach the widest audience possible

I would strongly recommend using a social media collaboration platform. Here you can control how your content is being pushed out, and deliver a consistent brand message – everything you’re aiming to achieve.